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Monday, February 22, 2010

(Uh) Oh, Canada!

Last night was not a good one for a certain member of the George household.

The US beat Canada in hockey. Even LB wearing her Canada shirt didn't save them.

Yes, I pulled for the US (I'm American after all!), but I basically just watched the game. No loud cheering, gloating, etc. I have too much respect for the fact that the game meant much more to Chris than it did me. It didn't matter anyway, because he took quite a bit of ribbing at work today from his American friends :)

Speaking of hockey, AC was a bit traumatized at this weekend's Havoc game. Chaos hit his head on the ice during the first intermission and apparently was downstairs icing his noggin - with the head off! - when AC and Chris walked by (btw, it wasn't Chaos' fault. He wasn't in plain view, but they saw him because Chris was taking her somewhere the back way). All of a sudden she said,

"Daddy, why is that man wearing Chaos' legs??!"

Chris tried to change the subject and again she said, "Daddy, why is that man wearing Chaos' legs??!"

Chris finally answered that Chaos hurt his head and needed to rest, but please don't tell Lily "the secret."

As he's telling me this once they got back to their seats, I said, "What's next? The truth about the Easter bunny?!"

But to her credit, she didn't tell LB. And when I picked her up from school today, the first words out of her mouth were, "Mommy, I didn't tell my friends about Chaos. It's just between me and Daddy."

Nothing makes you grow up fast like seeing a mascot without his head on :)


Angie said...

Oh, I had to laugh at that one! It brought back a funny story from my childhood. My birthday always falls on or near Easter and so I always had Easter-themed birthday parties. When I turned 5 my mom dressed up as the Easter Bunny and handed candy out to the party guests. It was a great costume - very much like a mascot's. Well, my mom took off the costume and "returned" to the party. She left the rabbit head sitting on her bed. One of the guests was a bit of an imp. He went snooping around the house during the party and went into my parents bedroom. He saw the Easter Bunny head propped on the bed and came tearing out of the room, screaming "They killed the Easter Bunny! They killed the Easter Bunny!". The poor kid was completely traumatized.

Amy said...

That is hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh :)