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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Go Canada or Go USA?

Usually this whole 'one parent is American and one is Canadian' never comes into play at our house.

Except every four years.

As you know, the Winter Olympics are going on. And Chris is taking it very seriously.

I tend to enjoy the Summer Olympics more. I love to watch gymnastics and swimming. I can take or leave the Winter Olympics. Except for figure skating. I do love watching that. And hockey, of course :)

But Canadians? They are all about the Winter Olympics.

Saturday Chris watched the girls for me so I could get a facial. When I came home, LB was wearing her Canada shirt. I said, "Lily Baker, are you pulling for Canada?" And she said, "Yes, mommy! Goooo Canada!!"

Oh yes. The brainwashing had begun. (Of course, I would NEVER brainwash my kids into pulling for the team I love :)

So I made a deal with LB. I told her we would pull for Canada in the Olympic hockey games if we could pull for the US in figure skating. She seemed okay with that.

She's really taking it serious. Last night she was playing hockey in the kitchen and she told Chris to introduce her ("and now, starting for the Huntsville Havoc, #17, Lily Baker George!!") and once she "skated" out, she said, "Daddy, sing 'Oh, Canada!'"

And he did. And we all put our hands over our hearts.

It was hilarious.

Then today at school, her class made Olympic torches. Her teacher told me they went for a walk around the school, holding their torches in the air. The kids started chanting, "U-S-A!" and LB yelled out, "Go Canada!"

Needless to say, her father was thrilled :)

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Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Awww. The little Patriot- too bad it's not for the US! :)
But a little rivalry is a good thing, for sure- especially since the Olympics are on Canadian soil- we have to give them SOMEthing, right?