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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Which is Better?

Making brownies with Mommy on a Sunday afternoon...

...or licking the bowl clean once you're finished??!!

See the smiles below for the girls' answer! :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Blogcation

"You need to update your blog."

Chris and I were sitting under our pergola a couple of weekends ago. It was warm and evident that Spring was on the way. He reminded me that I had gone weeks without blogging.

"I know," I answered. "I just needed a little break."

I didn't really plan on taking a break. It just happened. Life became crazy. In a matter of weeks, we went through strep throat, bad colds and a stomach bug at our house. One of my freelancing jobs kicked into serious high gear. The girls added some activities, which meant more running around for mommy. I couldn't even think about blogging.

I've always loved blogging, but I needed a little break. Over the last few weeks, I'd plan on blogging at night and then once I finished my work, I was so tired I just went to bed.

This means I have LOTS to bring you all up to speed on. In the meantime, I'll start with what happened Friday or as I told my mom, "One of the top 5 things on my list of things that make me happy."

I took Lily Baker to have lunch at school with Ann Catherine for the first time. Boy, did that four-year-old think she was big time!

I don't know who was happier, AC or LB. LB was pumped about going to Sissy's school. AC was pumped that she was coming.

So here's the most precious part. Lily Baker walked in line to the cafeteria with Ann Catherine and her class and AC held her hand the whole way. When we got to the food line Ann Catherine said, "Do you want white milk or chocolate?" and helped LB with her selection.

That's AC. My little mommy.

They sat together at the table. It made my heart smile.

It's just one of those life moments where you think, "I really must be the luckiest person alive."

I'm so grateful for my girls and how much they love each other. It was just a fun day.

More to come later!