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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sweet Snuggle Time

This sweet exchange took place in my bed at 7:19 this morning. AC had crawled into our bed around 5:30 this morning and, since school was cancelled, she and I went back to sleep. At 7:19, I heard little footsteps and LB was coming in the room. I grabbed her and put her in bed with us.

AC: Good morning, Lily!
LB: I lub you, sissy!
AC: I love you too.
LB: You're my miracle, sissy.
AC: And you're my rainbow. (pause) Mommy? What is Melissa?
Me: Melissa is our angel.
AC: But mommy, I want her to be a miracle like me. I want to call her my miracle.
Me: You know what, Ann Catherine? Melissa was a miracle. So if you want to call her that, that's just fine.

And so she did.

Because she was.


Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

So precious. I love it that my boys love each other, too! They look for each other first thing in the morning and say, "I missed you!"
I don't know if they really know what that means- and I'm sure they'll be beating each other up before I can blink, but I'll take these moments when I can get them.

Stephanie T said...


Laura (speaking for everyone!) said...

That is absolutely precious... brought tears to my eyes and they aren't even mine. But, as a mommy to some miracles, I know the significance.