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Friday, February 5, 2010

Rainy Day Fun

Before I had kids, I looked forward to rainy days. Nothing was better than curling up on the sofa under a blanket and reading a book as the raindrops hit the roof.

Now that I have kids - not so much. As many of you know, there is NOTHING fun about restless kids who are cooped up inside while it's raining.

Today as the girls ate lunch, I could tell they weren't really sleepy. So instead of making them nap, we did something fun. I put on their raincoats, put them in the car and off we went to the video rental store.

You would have thought I had taken them to Disney World!

When they walked in and saw all of the childrens' videos, they squealed so loudly that I was grateful we were the only ones in the store.

LB is so much like Chris. Once she got over her awe of all of the videos, she promptly chose a Dora one. And even though I gave her other choices, she stuck by the one she had chosen. That kid can make a decision like nobody's business.

Unfortunately for Ann Catherine, she is too much like me. It took her for-ev-ah to choose the DVD she wanted. She finally chose a Strawberry Shortcake video and $2 later, we headed to our car. My girls could not have been happier.

Once we got home, we popped AC's video in and I made (GASP! at 2:30 in the afternoon!) sugar cookies. They grabbed their blankets and got "in the zone."

The girls thought it was so much fun - and so did I. Even though we have a gazillion videos at home, there was something so fun to them about getting to pick one out. I'm not quite sure that LB understood that we were renting it and not buying it, but I'll deal with that next week.

It's a small price to pay for keeping a little sanity during all of this rain!

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