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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back to the Lunchroom

When Chris and I were trying to decide whether to leave Ann Catherine where she was and do half-day kindergarten, or go to "big" school (which I refer to this way because of the size) and do full-day kindergarten, one thing kept coming back to me.

The lunchroom.

No, I wasn't having flashbacks of square pizza and corn. I was worried about how in the world my little girl was going to navigate in that giant lunchroom.

I mean, she's only five!! That's crazy, right?!

Yesterday I went to eat with her. Let me tell you this: if kindergarten teachers were paid on what they do at lunchtime alone, they could retire to Bermuda.

I watched in amazement as her class of twenty 5-year-olds walked in silence to the lunchroom. Once there, they knew the routine. Those who brought their lunches took their places at the table. Those who were getting a tray got in line. Once they had their food, they walked to the table and began to eat. At the end of lunch, they all knew what to do as they threw away their food and lined back up. I believe AC's teacher could be a miracle worker.

Oh yes, at times they were five-year-olds being five-year-olds. But I was struck at how grown-up they also seemed.

I was also struck by how, sometimes, I don't give my daughter enough credit.

In this past month at big school, she has learned more about responsibility and independence than I could ever have taught her. As badly as I want my children to stay young sometimes, she's growing up. And that's really the point, isn't it?!

"There's no way my child can walk into that big school alone and find her class!"

But she does. Every day.

"There's no way she will know what to do in that big lunchroom!"

But she does. Every day.

She has proven her mother wrong time and time again this past month. She's growing up. And slowly, I'm dealing with it. :)


Dee said...

Those fears and worries never really go away. My oldest baby will be starting high school next year and I have the same worries I did when he started school, just a grown up version of them.

Stephanie T said...

Yesterday Abby came home and told me that she saw Melissa's sister and Melissa's mom Amy at lunch! It gave me my smile for the day - thought it would you too :)