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Monday, September 6, 2010

Fun on the Lake

What an awesome holiday weekend we had!

We celebrated Labor Day weekend with our friends and their children. Our friends, Will and Andrea, rented a home on the lake and a pontoon boat to celebrate their son's birthday. Chris, the girls and I joined them along with our friends Ken and Jammie and their kids.

The kids played all day Saturday - swimming in the lake, watching movies, playing basketball. That night we all watched the Bama game. I wish I had a picture of the kids - all six of them were decked out in their Alabama outfits. So cute!! Maybe they'll all be there together one day :)

Sunday after church we headed back out. We went for a boat ride on the lake and the kids loved it! I got some great pictures:

We had a blast and spent today just hanging out at home. Lily Baker slept until 8:45 a.m. - that DOES NOT happen at our house!! Chris and I did some work around our house and the girls just played. It was so nice.

Now it's back to our routine. We put the girls down at 7:30 to try and get them back on a schedule. But what a great break from what has been a crazy month!!

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