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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Look! A Rainbow!!

We took the girls for a bike ride around the neighborhood after dinner tonight. Chris and I walked alongside them as they pedaled.

Chris and Ann Catherine were up ahead. As we rounded a corner, I saw Chris pointing up at the sky to show Ann Catherine something. I noticed there were birds on top of a house and I thought he was pointing at them.

As Lily Baker and I got closer, I looked up and saw it. A rainbow! A beautiful, vibrant, colorful rainbow.

"Look Lily Baker!" I said pointing upwards. "A rainbow!"

Her face broke out into the most beautiful smile and she began to giggle. "I see it, Mommy!" she said.

Ann Catherine jumped off her bike and took off running towards us. She threw her arms around Lily Baker, gave her a great big hug and they looked at that beautiful rainbow.

As you know, we call Lily Baker our rainbow. But as I looked at that gorgeous sign from God, I felt more. It was as if Melissa was shining down on us from Heaven. For those few beautiful seconds, as I looked at one of God's most beautiful creations, I felt her spirit so strongly. It's hard to describe, but boy was it powerful!

It was a reminder to me that Melissa is okay. It was a reminder that she's sitting in the lap of the Creator of the Universe. It was a reminder that she is perfect and completely whole. And it was a reminder to me that she wants her family on Earth to be happy.

As Lily Baker started to ride again, she began shouting at the top of her lungs, "Everybody! Listen to me! I just saw a rainbow!!"

Yes we did. God's promise to our family that everything is going to be okay. How amazed I am that He loves us enough to send us these out-of-the-blue blessings.

Thank you God for the rainbow!

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Sherrill said...

Thank You, Jesus, for the rainbows. :-)