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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Highlight of my Day!

Do you want to know my favorite part of the day?

I mean, my absolute, 'gets my heart racing, puts a giant grin on my face and has me smiling from ear to ear' part of my day?

When I pull my car up to the front of that car pool line, look in my rear view mirror and see my baby girl walking out of school.

My little peanut is wearing her backpack that's as big as she is. She scans the car pool line looking for my car and when she finds it, that giant grin on her face is as big as mine and she comes running.

Then she jumps in my car. And she starts talking a mile a minute about what she did that day.

And I have my little girl back with me again.

Without question, the best part of my day!

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The HoneaBees said...

I know the exact way you feel! I feel it when I pick up Sister from preschool! i can't even imagine next year when they are both in school!