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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Girls, They Are A-Changin'

"Lily Baker, cut the cord!" Chris said in exasperation the other day. This came after LB whining for what seemed to be the fifteenth time, "Hold me, Mommy!"

There's no question she has been clingier than usual lately. But I just figured it was a phase she was going through.

And then it hit me.

I had taken Ann Catherine's place.

I have blogged before about how close my girls are. They are only 17 1/2 months apart. Ann Catherine was so young when Lily Baker was born. She never even realized what had happened. We brought LB home from the hospital, and so it was. Ann Catherine never missed a beat.

Up until now, they have done everything together. Because of their ages, they've always been in the same classes for activites and at church. And even though they weren't in the same class at daycare, they were just across the hall from each other. Once during a tornado drill at school, Lily Baker was scared. The teachers went and got Ann Catherine and she sat next to LB to calm her down.

As far as Lily Baker is concerned, Ann Catherine has always been there.

Until now.

Ann Catherine moved onto elementary school. Lily Baker stayed at preschool.

Ann Catherine moved up to a new class at church. Lily Baker stayed in the preschool class.

Ann Catherine moved to the 5-year-old class in gymnastics. Lily Baker is in the 3-4 class.

Ann Catherine is in the 5-year-old class at dance. LB is...well, you get the picture.

Two girls who have been joined at the hip for three years are, all of a sudden, separated.

And Lily Baker is wondering what in the world happened.

As suffocating as it's been for me, I understand. And my heart hurts for LB. I don't think I had ever realized how much she depended on Ann Catherine.

So I'm trying my best right now to fill those little size 11 shoes of Ann Catherine's.

As much as Ann Catherine's life has changed in these last couple of months, so has Lily Baker's. I had prepared myself for the change that Ann Catherine would face. But I hadn't realized that AC growing up would affect Lily Baker as much as it has.

I keep telling people that we are a family in transition. Change is the name of the game at the George household lately. Even though I know that change can be hard, change is also good.

But try telling that to Lily Baker.

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