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Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Doctor was Right

One of Ann Catherine's doctors once told me that the average child gets 3-6 colds a year. The average child in daycare gets 12-15.

I believe him.

Lily has ANOTHER cold.

It's her 3rd one since February. That's when she started daycare. That's not saying anything bad about her daycare. In fact, I love her daycare. It's like that with any daycare.

When you have that many children together, it's hard to keep them from passing things around.

Take Ann Catherine for instance. She stayed home with my mom for the first 14 months of her life and wasn't sick one time. That's pretty amazing. Not a single sick visit to the doctor for the first year of her life. Once she started daycare, she got an ear infection each month and eventually had tubes put in her ear.

It's yet one more dilemma working moms must face. In fact, I've talked to mothers who worked outside the home and then quit, simply because their child was staying sick and they were having to call in sick to work too much. They felt they were actually losing money because their child was sick all of the time.

I'm fortunate that my mom is here and can step in and keep my kids when they are sick. In fact, she kept Lily today and I didn't have to miss work, which was great because I had an important meeting.

But not all moms have that option. It's one more reason why the decision to work or stay home isn't black or white.

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Anonymous said...

My daughter was like that when she started school. She got to stay home with my mom for the first 5 years of her life practically in a germ-free bubble. But then whammo! Kindergarten struck and she catches whatever is going around. Unfortunately it was CHICKEN POX that was going around this month. Yuck. Oh well. You can't protect them from everything, not forever anyway. Hope Ann Catherine feels better soon!