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Monday, April 30, 2007

Lily's Baptism

Sunday was a wonderful day for the George family.

Lily was baptized.

She was so good. She was so sweet in her little Christening gown. In fact, she and Ann Catherine had matching dresses - both gifts from a friend when Lily was born. I wasn't sure how Ann Catherine would react when the minister sprinkled water on Lily, but she didn't make a sound. I think she was too mesmerized to do anything but stare.

Special occasions are still bittersweet for us. They are reminders that someone is missing. I felt Melissa so deeply Sunday. It's hard to explain. She is with me everyday, but there are times where I just feel her so deeply and I know she is with me. Sunday was one of those days. As we sang in church, after Lily was baptized, I thought about my angel and I am convinced that she was watching Lily's baptism from Heaven. She knew something special was going on with her family. She is always with us.

I feel so fortunate to feel her presence. I thank God that I will see my sweet angel again.

And I thank God for giving us Lily. Her baptism reminded me of just how blessed we are to have her in our lives. What would we do without her?


Tracibobaci said...

That's such a sweet family picture on Lily's special day!

I can't even imagine how you must feel without Melissa, but I know you're right. She finds her ways to be with you. And you will see her again--just imagine all your girls together one day! Awesome.

Jaded Mama said...

Amy- your strength has been an example to me on how to carry on after losing my babies. It is so wonderful that you have the special connection with Melissa. With all the good you do in her memory she is never truly far from you.