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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

She's Getting So Big!

I told you last week that Lily and Ann Catherine were wearing the same size diapers. Ann Catherine turns two next week. Lily is just six months. Yet, they are wearing the same size diaper. Now we know why.

I took Lily to the doctor this week and she weighs 18 POUNDS! I laid her on the scale and those numbers just kept climbing and climbing. I couldn't believe it!

You have to understand, this is so new to me and Chris. We truly went from one end of the spectrum to the other with our children. Ann Catherine was born at just a pound 15 ounces. The entire first year of her life she was playing catch-up as far as her weight was concerned. Your child can sit forward facing in the car seat once they turn one-year-old and are twenty pounds. Poor Ann Catherine turned one, but still weighed 18 pounds. She was 15 months before we could finally turn her around. My pediatrician says he doesn't think it's because of the prematurity. He just thinks Ann Catherine is going to be small like me, and he's probably right.

Lily on the other hand came into the world weighing 7 pounds 4 ounces and hasn't slowed down since. She has the sweetest little rolls you've ever seen! She'll be twenty pounds before she hits one and will be begging to turn around in that car seat :)

It's amazing how two little girls can be so different.

Ann Catherine looks just like me. Lily Baker looks just like her daddy.

Ann Catherine has my big, brown eyes. Lily's are a beautiful blue, like Chris'.

Ann Catherine is strong-willed and feisty. Lily is laid back and such an easy baby.

Now, add something else.

It truly wouldn't surprise me if Lily was bigger than Ann Catherine by the time she turns one.

Ann Catherine better enjoy being the "big" sister for now. Before long, she may be the "big" sister in age only :)

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