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Sunday, December 5, 2010

What a Good Man!

What kind of man goes to Disney on Ice on his birthday??

A man whose daughters are crazy about princesses and all things girly.

This was our second Disney on Ice. They have been our favorite of all of the travelling "kid events" we have attended. So going back to Disney on Ice was a given when we saw they were coming back to town.

But the fact that this one centered on the princesses?

Well, that was just the icing on the cake.

Before we headed to the show, we celebrated Chris' birthday at home. We baked his favorite cookies and the girls helped him open his presents.

Next we took Daddy out to dinner and then on to the show!

The girls loved it! AC loved it because she really wants to learn to ice skate. And LB? Let's just say the look on her face when Belle came out was priceless.

I looked at her during the Cinderella story. She was sitting in Chris' lap, with her hands folded under her chin. She was taking it all in with wide-eyed wonder.

And I thought to myself, I do hope my girls find their prince one day.

And here's some advice, girls. He doesn't always ride in on a white horse.

Sometimes he barrels in on skates with a hockey stick.

But he's your prince just the same.

Happy Birthday Chris! What a wonderful daddy and husband :)

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The Titsworth Family said...

We took Emma yesterday to Disney on Ice & she loved it too! Very cool! Happy Birthday to Chris! Hope you all are doing well.