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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The House that AC Built

Let me just say this up front: I am not crafty.

God has given me certain gifts. Craftiness is not one of them.

Still Ann Catherine and I had a great time building our first Gingerbread House at the Botanical Gardens.

My friend, Brooke, and her daughter Annalyse went with us. The girls had a blast!

As if backing up my claim to NOT be the next Martha Stewart right on cue, our roof promptly fell. We added lots of icing and it held for a while, but by the time we got home, it had fallen again. We asked Chris to break out the super glue.

The other night a commercial came on showing a gingerbread house and I said, "Look Ann Catherine. A gingerbread house like ours!"

To which she replied, "Yes, except their roof didn't fall off."

The most challenging part for me had nothing to do with actually putting this gingerbread house together. It was giving up total control and letting AC do this exactly the way she wanted. She decided what went where. And I kept my mouth shut.

And now for our culinary masterpiece:

Before the roof fell off :)

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