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Monday, December 13, 2010

Lilypalooza - Part Three

I am so behind on blogging!!

It all started the week before Thanksgiving when we had Lily Baker's birthday party. Then we headed into Thanksgiving and then I had two big projects that I have spent every hour - that I was not with Chris and the girls - working on.

Now I'm trying to catch up! Let's start with Lilypalooza, Part three: the third and final installment of the birthday that lasted a whole month!

But what a sweet ending it was.

Over the last year, LB has really gotten into princesses. Belle is her favorite. She asked me if she could have a princess party this year. I loved it, but wasn't sure what to do because Chris and I swore off at-home birthday parties a couple of years ago.

I found out that Southerland Station hosted "tea party" birthday parties. Southerland Station is a gem in this city. If you have children and have never been, you need to check it out. It's a wonderful toy store and - best of all - it's local. The Metzger family is terrific. They live here and give back to this community. Each year at Miracle Bash they give us a wonderful silent auction item. They are great people!

They have a party room in back so we decided this was the place to do it. We sent out invitations from "Princess Lily Baker" asking her friends to attend her Royal Tea Party and to wear their favorite princess dress or tea party dress.

Oh. My. Word.

There is nothing sweeter than a room full of little girls dressed up as little princesses.

The party was wonderful! And best of all, SS did EVERYTHING! They provided petit fours and punch served in real cups from a punch bowl. Too sweet! They supplied it all, down to the party favors. They also played adorable games with the girls. Dress-up relay was quite hilarious! If you have a little girl who loves princesses and tea parties, I highly recommend having your party there!

As we left the house, I told Chris it was the first time I have ever driven to my child's birthday party with just my children and nothing else. How great is that?!

But the best part? LB was beside herself.

And that, my friends, is what it's all about. :)

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Beth said...

I totally agree!! Nothing better than having somebody else do all the hard work especially the cleaning up!