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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Close Cousins

These four people could not love each other more.

My niece, Ally, and nephew, Will, are in town for Christmas. And, oh my, are my girls happy!

They especially love hanging out at Mimi and Poppy's house together, but my mom had lots of cooking to do for the holidays so I took them off of her hands Wednesday. We started out having lunch with Ann Catherine on her last day of school.

She was so proud to have Ally and Will there! Next, we picked up LB from her Christmas party at school and headed home. From there, Chris and I took them to the movie "Tangled" followed by dinner at a local favorite. Does it get any better??!

Chris and I took them all through the "Galaxy of Lights" at the Botanical Gardens Monday night. They were in the back of the SUV laughing and giggling and I proclamed to Chris, "See? This is why we need more children!"

To which he promptly told me whenever I get to feeling like that, I should just borrow someone else's children.

He is such a riot.

And then they all started arguing, and I kind of agreed with him. :)

If they could just stay like this forever...

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