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Monday, November 15, 2010

Lilypalooza - Part Two

My poor child was born the week of the Iron Bowl.

For those of you not from the state of Alabama, that's the equivalent of being born the week of Christmas.

She was born on a Tuesday (this was before they moved the Iron Bowl back to Thanksgiving week) and I told my OBGYN that if she came that weekend, my family wouldn't be there to meet her.

I was joking, of course.

Sort of :)

Oh to have a November birthday in a football crazy family in a football crazy state!

We held her first birthday party on a Saturday. Yes, Alabama was playing, but they were on the road. That ensured our family would be there. However, I distinctively remember the game being on during the party. Luckily she was one and didn't know the difference.

The second year we bypassed the whole football problem and held it on Thanksgiving weekend instead.

Last year, I had it on a Friday.

This year, Chris and I looked at the calendar and realized her birthday fell the day after Alabama played in Tuscaloosa.

What do to?

Move the family party to T-Town!

I called a Publix in Tuscaloosa, ordered her cake and we celebrated with our family Saturday afternoon since the Bama game was that night. She had a blast, especially because Ally & Will were there! Since they live in Florida, they can't usually come for LB's birthday because it's so close to Thanksgiving. So this worked out perfectly!

AC got LB a bumblebee pillow pet!! She's been asking for one since this summer :)

And Mimi and Poppy got AC the piggy pillow pet. She screamed so loud my sister's friend leaned over and said, "Whose birthday is it?!"

Ally gave LB the "Charlie Brown Christmas" DVD she's been begging for...

And Will gave her the Snow White Bakery... go with the Cinderella castle that Mimi and Poppy gave her!

She played with it for hours! :)

The next morning we packed up and headed home where the four of us celebrated LB's birthday together at our house.

We gave her Belle's library (which went with the Cinderella castle and Snow White bakery she got in T-Town)...

Belle and the Beast figurines (LB screamed, "I finally got the beast!!")...

and the "Beauty and the Beast" DVD!

Then we turned the lights off, popped the DVD in and popped some popcorn, and watched our movie. I LOVE this movie, but had forgotten how scary the beast is at first. I kept saying, "Hold on, girls! I promise he becomes nice!" And he did. :)

You would think that's enough, wouldn't you? But wait, there's more!

The Friday before we headed to Tuscaloosa, LB celebrated her birthday at preschool with her friends. Chris and I took her favorite - "lellow" cupcakes - and her friends all sang to her while she wore the very stylish (and Statue of Liberty-looking) birthday hat!

Then she got to choose a gift from the Birthday box. Chris and I couldn't believe it when she pulled out...a Belle doll!! Her favorite princess!!

I'm going to tell you, this birthday may never end! Just one more party left on the 2010 Lilypalooza Tour - her actual birthday party with her friends. Woohoo!


Love my 2 BoYs! said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet LB!!!

Candy said...

Happy Birthday to a sweet girl! I don't think she could look anymore like her Daddy :) Loved her cake - my JaneClaire (who also turned 4) had the same princess dolls on her cake back in September. And you are right, something about turning 4 seems so old. I don't like my baby becoming a young girl so fast! Hope you and your family have a nice Thanksgiving!