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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Impromptu Tea Party

And isn't that the best kind?!

Today a sweet friend gave my girls two beautiful dolls that her daughter no longer wanted. They were a huge hit at our house!

LB played with hers all morning and AC got hers as soon as she got home from school. As they began to play with them LB said, "I know! Let's have a tea party!"

So we pulled out their table and got out the "fine china" (aka - the porcelain Raggedy Ann tea party set that I am always afraid is going to get broken). I even broke out the animal crackers at four in the afternoon. I had four plates - one for each girl - but AC kept telling me that her doll didn't like animal crackers so she was eating them for her. I'm quite sure that was true :)

And they had a delightful time :)

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