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Friday, October 15, 2010

Small Blessing is Huge for Me

Ask Ann Catherine who Melissa is and you'll get the same answer: our angel.

She rarely says she's her sister. I remember when I first started calling Melissa her sister, she would say, "You mean Lily Baker?"

Her mind couldn't comprehend it. After all, Melissa died when they were babies. She's never physically seen her or played with her. She couldn't make the connection that Melissa was her sister.

And I've always been fine with that. As I've shared before, Chris and I don't push our girls when it comes to Melissa. They will eventually learn and understand everything. We let them take it in at their own pace.

So imagine my joy the other day when the following conversation took place in our car. Ann Catherine was saying that she wished her cousin, Ally, was her sister too. I explained to her that sometimes God puts people in our lives who aren't our blood sisters, but who feel like sisters anyway because of the closeness we shared. I told her that she and Ally have that same kind of relationship.

"But, mom," she said, "if Ally was my sister then I would have four sisters."

It took me a moment to realize what she was saying.

Four sisters. She was including Melissa.

My eyes filled with tears as I realized she's getting it. I didn't have to remind her that Melissa was her sister. She just knew.

I was filled with gratitude for a God who makes all things perfect in his time.

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