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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


You know how when you love something, you want to share it with your kids?

That's how I feel about the University of Alabama. I grew up an Alabama fan and loved my four years as a student there. In turn, I love sharing that with my girls. I love taking them on campus for football weekends and showing them around. If you loved your college years and your school, then I'm sure you understand what I'm talking about!

We went down for Homecoming this weekend. We left early Friday afternoon so we could take it all in. Chris has never been to the Paul W. Bryant Museum and he has always wanted to go. We were going to try and get there in time to do that, but we didn't. But since we arrived so early, we decided to take the girls for a walk on campus.

First, we went to Bryant-Denny Stadium. Lily Baker has never been to a game because she is really scared of loud noises. We're thinking 101,000 screaming fans would probably freak her out. :) So I wanted to take her inside so she could see it.

Just one problem. You can't just walk inside BDS. Unless you know people. And luckily, at just the right time, someone walked up that we know. And before we knew it, we were ushered in. Perfect timing!

Next we took the girls to the Walk of Champions. The girls posed with Bear Bryant's statue...

...and then acted crazy on the spot where Coach Saban's statue will go one day. I'm sure he would be amused. :)

That night we went to the Pep Rally and bonfire. I didn't bother taking my camera because I knew the pictures wouldn't turn out that great in the dark. AC loved watching, LB not so much. Again, that whole loud noise thing just unnerves her.

The next day was the parade! Now that ESPN rules the world, the majority of college football games are at night. Our Homecoming game was an 8 p.m. game! Because that is just too late for our girls, we sold our tickets. However, the one good thing was that the Homecoming parade was at 12 p.m. as opposed to 9 a.m. Love sleeping late!

The neatest part for me was seeing my Aunt Sue and Uncle Terry, who flew in from Texas to watch the game. It was so good seeing them!

Janna, my college roommate, and her family met us after the parade and we walked over to our sorority house. I love walking down Sorority Row at Homecoming and checking out the lawn decorations.

Later that afternoon, we left Tuscaloosa in time to drive home, put our girls to bed, and watch the Bama-Ole Miss game on television.

Perfect weekend :)

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Love my 2 BoYs! said...

We were there too!! It was definitely a perfect weekend!!! RTR