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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Night of Carving

Last night we had a celebration of sorts.

Ann Catherine got her first report card and I had one of those "how did we get here?" moments. I remember all those years of my mom signing my report card and now I'm the one doing it. I guess I really am a grown-up. :)

For getting all S's (S's not A's - remember those days?), I baked AC's favorite: chocolate chip cookies.

Chris also promised the girls that they could carve their pumpkins.

Let me tell you how this always goes down at our house.

AC is one of those people who gets super-excited about doing something and then three minutes in, she's done and moves onto something else.

Carving pumpkins is no exception.

And since she is SUCH A GIRL she was completely disgusted by pulling out the pumpkin guts. One time she actually gagged.

LB, on the other hand, was elbow deep in her pumpkin pulling out the guts. Now that's a girl who is not afraid to get her hands dirty!

Apparently the girls picked some pretty intricate designs. They eventually got bored and moved on while Chris worked away. For an hour. Maybe two.

I bathed them. Then they banged away on the piano...

...while Chris got serious and pulled out the...power tools??!

We ended up with a giant mess...

...and two rockin' pumpkins!!

And since they bailed on him, the girls put on their "I love Daddy" pajamas to show him their thanks :)

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The Hull Munchkins said...

Wow, way to go Dad! I need to share your saw-zaw (sp?) idea with my husband! This made me laugh out loud!

The girls are darling in their costumes. I would have been super girl if they had it when I was little. Too cool.