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Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Hot, Sunny Fall

There is something so strange about visiting a pumpkin patch when it's 80 degrees outside.

We have yet to have cool weather here. The leaves are changing - see my maple tree!

...but it doesn't really feel like fall yet.

Still, we took the girls on our annual fall trip to Tate Farms Friday after school. Instead of dressing them in their long sleeve Halloween shirts, I should have dressed them in short sleeves and shorts.

The highlight for LB was that her friend, Will, showed up at the same time as us. They rode together on the hayride...

...and I snapped this picture in the pumpkin patch.

He asked Chris if Lily Baker could come to his house and play and Chris asked him what his earning potential was.

My poor daughters.

We picked our pumpkins...

...then headed to the girls' favorite - the corn crib!

Next up, I said, "Let's visit the petting zoo" to which Ann Catherine answered, "Ewwww, it stinks in there!" Chris looked at me and said, "She is such your child."

We went anyway...

...and yes, it did stink in there.

Even so, it was a great day!

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