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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Best Pile Ever

Raking leaves is so overrated.

We have a ton of leaves in our backyard. Several times last week I grabbed the rake and proceeded to rake until my arms were tired. Each time it only resulted in a measly, paltry pile of leaves for my girls to jump in.

"Girls," I said one afternoon after raking my little pile, "what we REALLY need is for your Daddy to get his leaf blower and blow a big pile for you."

Today he did.

I came home from an afternoon meeting at church to the sounds of squeals and laughter in the backyard.

Chris was blowing the leaves...

...and in return, the girls got a huge pile to jump in!

We ended up with leaves all over us...

Then Daddy sucked the leaves up...

...and everyone was sad.

Except for Daddy, who finally got rid of those pesky leaves that keep blowing onto our back patio :)

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Angie said...

LOVED those days with my girls... and even though they are 21 and 16 now, they longing look at the leaves as they fall into a big orange mound in their grandparents yard. I think for a minute they would jump in a big pile of leaves...that is, if no one was looking. :)