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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shout Out to SisterBug!

I have to show off these cute shirts!

My friend, Kera, has a business called SisterBug Embroidery and Gifts that she runs out of her home. She does a little of everything - monogramming and appliques on shirts, burp cloths, bibs, purses - you name it!

I recently asked her to make cute Alabama shirts for the girls and she did this!

Is that adorable or what?! She used a houndstooth material for Big Al and then did his ear red and used a red button for his eye. I absolutely love these shirts and so do the girls!

What makes it even more special is that Kera is an Auburn fan - and did it anyway. That makes her a good friend - and an even better business woman :)

This summer she made my girls these shirts with their initials on them. They lived in them! (You know I'm a good Southern girl and love anything with initials and monograms :)

So mosey on over to Kera's site. Get a cute Bama shirt (or Auburn - I'm betting she has some!) for your little one. She also has some cute Halloween shirts and other stuff.

And while I'm showing cute stuff, look at the girls in their Bama dresses this weekend. Too cute!


The HoneaBees said...

Thanks girl for the shout out! I will be putting my AU/AL shirts up today!
I will call you about Thursday too. Thankful that is working out!

Love my 2 BoYs! said...

Very cute shirts!! Too bad my Sam is gettin to big to wear that kinda stuff!!

Stephanie T said...

Kera is SO talented!

Where did you get the cute striped dresses? I was scolded by my husband this weekend b/c I didn't have the girls cute game day outfits lined up yet!! HA!

Maggie Elizabeth said...

Those shirts are so cute!! I love them!!

Amy said...

My mother actually got those in Tuscaloosa at Alabama Express. I love them!

Maggie Elizabeth,
Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check out Kera's blog for those shirts!


Anna said...

I just went there and bought a turkey shirt. Thanks for posting. Such great prices.

Jay said...

I love the houndstooth elephant shirt my wife just bought the cutest houndstooth bib for our son at were having them embroider an A put on it for BAMA baby!