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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

AC's First Pair of Skates

Today was a happy day at the George household.

Ann Catherine got her first pair of hockey skates!

And only at our house would a little girl wear a Fancy Nancy dress while she's wearing her new hockey skates. (What can I say? She's well-rounded :)

When we went to Canada a few weeks ago, (I know, I know, I haven't posted my pictures yet. There are just so many that it gives me anxiety thinking of going through them to choose which ones to post. But I will - I promise!) Chris wanted to buy her a pair of hockey skates. We went to a sporting goods store and she tried on a pair.

But we couldn't find her size. Plus, they were a little pricey. And we really didn't want to spend a hundred bucks on a pair of skates for a 4-year-old who has never been on the ice before.

So when we got home, Chris got on eBay and found this pair. We paid a whopping $20. Woo hoo!

AC loved them. She loved them so much that she wore them all over the house and during dinner and cried when Chris informed her that, no, she could not wear them on our neighborhood walk after dinner.

And she took great pleasure in telling LB, "You're just two, Lily. You don't get hockey skates. You have to wait until you're four."

She, on the other hand, can't wait until her daddy takes her to the rink and lets her try out her new skates. Should be fun!


The Titsworth Family said...

How sweet! That's awesome you got them on Ebay for cheap too. Now you must post pics of her ice skating!

Anna said...

How much fun. Gotta love Fancy Nancy!

April Clark said...

Kennedy just started ice skating lessons last week! It's going pretty good...