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Thursday, September 10, 2009

How Did I Get Here?

I love my conversations with Ann Catherine. She's at the age where we can just talk and she still comes up with some of the funniest things to say. Like this one yesterday. I had just read a book to her before nap and she had her fingers on my wedding ring, twirling it around.

AC: Mommy, can I wear with this?
Me: No Ann Catherine. Mommy's wedding ring is really special.
AC: Why?
Me: Well, because your daddy gave it to me on the day that he promised to love me forever.
AC: Was I there?
Me: No, you weren't born yet.
AC: Oh, I was in Heaven.
Me: That's right.
AC: How did I get here? Did God just throw me through the clouds?

Now, you have to understand how she said this. She put such an emphasis on the word throw and made a motion with her arms like she was throwing something down. As if God winded up his arm and just let 'er rip through the clouds to Earth!

Me: No, baby, he didn't throw you.
AC: Then how did I get here?
Me: He just sent you here.
AC: (a bit exasperated now) No, how did I get from Heaven to here?!

These are the questions I have absolutely no answer for. Seriously how do you answer that with a four-year-old?! And AC is too much like me - she'll keep needling you until you give her the answer she's asking for (Chris says it's the reporter in me). Luckily for me, she just let it go.

Isn't motherhood fun?! :)

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Cabra Clan said...

Ha! I always enjoy a good giggle!