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Monday, August 3, 2009

Potty Training - Part Deux

Oh my Lord, I didn't think anything could make me happier than when Ann Catherine finally learned to potty.

Until now.

Lily is potty trained!!!

That makes any mother happy, but I am ecstatic. Those of you who follow my blog might remember the nightmare I had trying to potty train Lily back in April. To make a long story short, I tried to potty train Lily a few months ago. She did great the first day - click here to read about it. But by day two decided she wanted nothing - and I mean NOTHING - to do with the potty. If I even tried to put her on it, she would scream. You can read all about that nightmare by clicking right here. Everything I had read said that was a clear sign that she wasn't ready, and I needed to take a step back and try again later. (Not very easy for a control freak like me!)

I decided to try again last week. Monday morning we started "Potty Training Boot Camp - Part Two" at our home.

I was ready. I bought suckers - Lily's favorite - and smarties and put them in a cute little bucket I got for a dollar at Target. That was her reward for number one. For number two, I went to Dollar General and got some cheap little toys (books, balls, animals, etc). I made a potty chart and got Barbie stickers for it. (Mind you, I didn't have to do all this for AC but based on Lily's prior resistance, I was leaving no stone unturned!!). Last but not least, I prayed - REALLY HARD - before I went to bed Sunday night.

The most important thing I did was this : Sunday night I took the pull ups out of her drawer and got rid of them. When she woke up on Monday, I opened the drawer and showed her that they were gone. I explained that they "went bye-bye" because she was a big girl who didn't need them anymore. She was okay with it, and I think it was big for her, psychologically. Pull ups had become a crutch for Lily and I knew if I was ever going to potty train her, I had to GET RID OF THEM.

Day one, she did awesome! She had just a couple of accidents and would get very excited when she went. Ann Catherine was my helper and all-around cheerleader who jumped up and down when Lily pottied (this, of course, had a lot to do with the fact that AC also got a treat when Lily pottied. Whatever works, people. Whatever works.) I was so happy but didn't want to get my hopes up. After all, Lily did good on day one the last time and completely flipped out on day two.

I literally held my breath on Tuesday morning. When she happily went to the potty that morning, I felt we had crossed the hurdle. She had no accidents at all that day and by the afternoon she was running to tell me she had to go! She continued that way all week. She is now officially potty trained!!

We stayed inside all week because my form of potty training means you don't leave the house until it's over. On Friday my parents wanted to take the girls to Chuckie Cheese and I finally let Lily leave the house. I packed a few changes of clothes just in case, but guess what? She didn't need them! Same at church on Sunday. It's proof that even though I was ready in April, she wasn't. That's the thing about potty training. If they aren't ready or excited about it, you can absolutely hang it up.

You have no idea how happy I am that this is OVER!! I have to admit, it is my least favorite part of motherhood. I worked for twelve years as a news anchor/reporter and worked in some stressful situations. Potty training my children ranks right up there :) I think part of my excitement stems from the pride I feel that I was able to do this (with God's help, of course). When AC was potty training, I was working full time so her teacher at daycare had as much to do with potty training her as I did. But with Lily, it was all on me. I have to tell you, it feels good to know that I was able to do this. (I know pride is a bad thing, but I can't help it on this one! :)

And yes, LB probably has tooth decay from all of the suckers she got last week. But you know what? It doesn't matter. She is potty trained!!


Leanne Helums said...

Congrats!!We had potty training boot camp at our home back in June. Getting rid of the pull ups at night helped so much. Katie Lee also got LOTS of Smarties. Whatever works!! :)

The Titsworth Family said...

That's awesome news Amy! This gives me hope b/c now that I'm home again I am ready to tackle this with Emma. She's been showing signs again so I really want to try but it stresses me out just thinking about it!

Way to go Lily!

The HoneaBees said...

Awesome!!! I don't think I am going to do pull ups with E because they did nothing for AA. But, we will see. I am interested to see what training this boy will be like! But, not interested enough to start anytime soon!

Amy said...

Leanne, Congrats!! Isn't it a relief when it is over?! :)

Brandy, you'll find it's easier to potty train her now that you are staying home and can truly devote time to it. I know what you mean about the stress but do it before the little one gets here so it's one less thing you have to worry about :)

Kera, I know what you mean about the pull-ups. They really are just glorified diapers and in no way helped my kids learn to potty. Mostly we just used them b/c they were easier to put on than diapers. I hear boys are easier, as long as you have cheerios for the target practice - ha!