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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bad Timing

Lily had it Saturday. Ann Catherine woke up with it Monday. Chris got it Monday night. And I woke up with it today.

The crud.

You know - sore throat, drainage, aches - the works. I feel pretty crummy.

Oh and did I mention that this is potty training week? Great timing, huh?

As for that, if you read my post on Monday you know that we had some success with Lily using the potty. She went four times on the first day. I was pretty stoked.

This is my second adventure in potty training so I'm also smart enough to know that the second day can be a flop.

It was. You know how many times LB pottied yesterday? Zero. Zilch. Nada. Big fat goose egg.

I took her to her mother's morning out and she went through about 5 pairs of pants. They would put her on the potty every 20 minutes. She wouldn't go and then would have an accident shortly after.

Now, I'm not panicking because AC did the exact same thing when she was learning. Still, it's just so frustrating.

I brought her home and kept putting her on the potty. I knew that she needed to go because she had been drinking lots of milk, but she wouldn't go. Then she got up and promptly had an accident.

I think Lily is showing me that she's in control - which is EXACTLY what Ann Catherine did when she was potty training. It was explained to me then this way. This is the first thing your child has ever had control over. As a mom, you control every facet of their lives: what they eat, what they wear, where they go, etc. Going to the potty is the one thing that they have control over at this young age. And they enjoy exerting that control, much to their mommy's chagrin!!

Today confirmed my suspicions. Her MMO teacher told me that they thought she was holding it. She had accidents all morning, but she didn't go through as many pairs of pants - meaning she was holding it for longer. That tells me she is choosing not to go.

We got home and I gave them a snack before nap. I walked over to get Lily and I felt something trickling down her leg. I quickly put her on the potty - then she stopped. See? She was choosing not to go. And she kept squirming, trying to get off the potty. So, I gently held on to her and wouldn't let her get off. And what happened? She pottied. I yelled for Ann Catherine and we clapped and acted crazy again. Lily got all excited. To remind her of how fun this could be, we called Chris and let her tell him she had pottied. Oh yeah - and I gave her M&Ms. (Those of you who don't have children - NEVER say that you won't bribe your kids. Believe me, you'll eat those words!)

So maybe I was pushing a bit too hard yesterday and Lily pushed back? Who knows. We'll see how she does this week. All I know is I'll be glad when it's over!


Michael Werner said...

You would think that a child at the age of two would be easly potty trained "No Way" . Some kides take longer then you think .But then i might be wronge.

FireWife425 said...

Please keep updating on the potty-training... We are getting ready to start potty-training our daughter (who turns 2 on the 17th) & I need all the help I can get, especially since this is my 1st time going through it.

Love the blog.

BethE said...

LOL, I bribe my kiddos all the time. And I was TOTALLY one of those people without kids who said I never would. Nothing is better than a M&M after they do something good.

Amy said...

I will do so - but I'm hoping you have more luck than I am :)

Thanks for reading!