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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Babies Are Growing Up!

The girls went back to school this week. They looked so grown up I wanted to cry!

AC went back on Monday. LB didn't, but when AC put on her Dora backpack Monday morning Lily insisted on wearing her Elmo backpack, too, and I let her.

You have to look at the back of the backpack to get the full effect :)

AC is in pre-K this year and they mean business in her class! As Lily and I were walking out we peeked into her class. They were already sitting on the floor as their teacher went through the alphabet with them. When she got home she told me it was fun, but they didn't play a lot. :) This class has a big emphasis on learning, with less play so she'll be ready for kindergarten. I love it, but it really hit me how she is growing up!

Then, LB started today. She walked into her class like the biggest girl and even hung up her backpack all my herself! I love these sweet pictures of her! I can't believe my "baby" is growing up.

This is Lily with her bunnies before we left the house. Speaking of milestones, it was quite a milestone that Lily left her bunnies in the car today instead of taking them into school. (Yes, that is bunnies plural. I had two so I would always have a backup but one day Lily found the second bunny in a drawer and now insists on taking her "two bunnies" everyone instead of just one.) Just another example of how my Lilypalooza is growing up!


Becky said...

i certainly understand them carrying "plural" babies. ally claire has a lavendar hippo. after my middle son having one specific baby (and i didn't have a back up because it was "retired"), i bought TWO additional hippos for AC. she has already found at least one extra. (i had intended for one to be for home, one for being out and about and one for washing when one of the other 2 are dirty.)

they grow up toooo fast!!

Love my 2 BoYs! said...

hope your girls have a great year at school!! I am still trying to really grasp the fact that Sam is in Kindergarten. It just goes by WAY TO FAST !!!