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Friday, August 28, 2009

Kissing My Boo Boos

Reason #2857 of why I love being a mommy.

As I was taking Lily to potty this morning, I tripped over her bucket/drum that was in the middle of the bathroom floor. I banged my knee on it and cried, "Owww!"

Lily said, "I kiss it mommy" and she got down on her knees and kissed my knee. Then she gave me a big ole kiss on the lips.

How nice to have someone kiss my boo boos when I get hurt. This is one of those sweet perks they don't tell you about when you are trying to have a baby. (Of course they also leave out the dreadful screaming fits, the meltdowns for no reason and getting thrown up on - so I guess we're even).

By the way, I'll be taking about a week off from my blog. We have some things going on and I won't be able to blog for a week. But I will return!


The Titsworth Family said...

Aww, that is so sweet! Enjoy your week off from blogging and thanks for telling us faithful readers b/c I always get worried when you don't blog for an extended period of time! :)

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Gotta love a good boo boo kiss or a "I love you mommy" from out of left field. I've been getting more of the "I don't LIKE you"s lately, but the I love yous count for 10 of the others.