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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Yummy Way to Say Thanks!

The girls and I dropped by Huntsville Hospital Foundation yesterday to thank them for all of their hard work on this year's Swim for Melissa and Miracle Bash. For those of you who don't know, HHF actually administers and manages Melissa's Fund for us and they worked so hard on our event last weekend!

So how do you say thanks to an office of eleven people? With a cake from Peggy Ann Bakery! It was oh-so-delicious and had our Swim for Melissa logo on it. I'm telling you - it was to die for!! If you live in Huntsville and you have never eaten a cake from Peggy Ann's, you are missing out! They always do my girls' birthday cakes and any other cakes I need for special occasions. And if you do stop by, grab a few thumbprint cookies. They are my favorites and I never leave without at least half a dozen! :)

Doesn't the cake look good?!

This is me, Lily, Susan and Ann Catherine. Susan plans, executes and oversees Swim for Melissa. In addition, she's one of my greatest friends. My girls love "Ms. Su-Su!"

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of us with Melissa Debolt. She actually oversees Melissa's Fund and the Miracle Bash. I can't say enough about the job she did on the event! This was her first year to do it and she worked tirelessly! Many Saturdays I called to talk to her and she was in the office working on the event. Best of all, she believes in Melissa's Fund and the work we are doing. I so appreciate her hard work and all of the time and love she put into it!


Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Yes- Peggy Ann's is AMAZING and that cake looks beautiful! I'm sure it tasted great, as well!
I'm so sorry we missed the festivities this year, but everyone is still talking about it! I know it was fantastic and I can't wait to participate next year!

The Titsworth Family said...

Love Peggy Ann's! That cake is super cute with the logo on it. I bet the office was so excited to have you drop by with the cake! I don't know Melissa and Susan except for talking with them a few times, but they have always been so kind, friendly, and are gorgeous! Great group of girls!