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Saturday, May 16, 2009

That's What Godparents Are For!

My girls have the best godparents, who also happen to be our best friends. AC's godparents are my best friend from college, Olivia and her husband, Joe. LB's are our great friends Steve and Laura - or LaLa as my girls call her.

Tuesday night I had a meeting at church and Chris was stuck at work. I called Laura to see if I could drop my girls off to play with her kids. As always, her response was, "Sure, bring them on!" (Don't you just LOVE friends like that??!!)

AC and LB love going there and playing with Josh and Jordan. After my meeting, I went to pick them up and the next thing I know we're bringing home this!

Jordan had outgrown it and, of course, my girls were more than happy to get it. It's so big I don't have room in the playroom yet, so for now it's smack in the middle of my dining room :)

The other night I was cooking dinner and I could hear them giggling. When I walked into the dining room, I saw this.

There were playing princess and "sleeping." I joined in the fun (I was Aurora!) and Snow White, Cinderella (or Cinderelly as Lily calls her) and I played in our castle. (Did you know that Cinderelly knows all of the words to the "Wonder Pets" song? Neither did I. Oh, the things you learn with kids!)

I just love having girls :)


Love my 2 BoYs! said...

Memories in the making!!

Olivia said...

Our girls have that same princess tent! We love you guys too!

Whitney said...

You have received a blog award! I absolutely enjoy your blog.