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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another Year Over

School year, that is.

My girls had their end-of-the-year parties at daycare today. Lily's was a pajama party - which was HUGE for me because lately we are having a big tug of war in the mornings because Lily doesn't want to get dressed. She could not have been happier about wearing her pj's to school and neither could I!

This is Lily with her teacher Meggin. (Her other teacher Leigh Ann wasn't in the room when I dropped off, and when I came back the batteries in my camera went dead.)

She LOVES Meggin and Leigh-Leigh and has been with both of them on and off for two years. She had such a good year with them!

I got to have lunch with Ann Catherine. It was so much fun, and I'm telling you, her eyes were gleaming when I walked in and sat down next to her. She was so excited her mommy was there, and so was I!

AC's class had a luau - complete with grass skirts, leis and the limbo. First, we had a pizza party...

then I got to watch AC do the limbo!

Afterwards, Ms. Kris gave the kids their scrapbook. This is always my favorite part because I love seeing how my kids grew during the year. (Lily's was absolutely amazing - when she started in the fall she had all this baby fat and now she looks like a little girl!).

Here's AC with Ms. Kris...

Ms. Kris has been AC's teacher for two years. She had her in the two-year-old class and then moved up with the kids to the three-year-old room. AC loves, loves her and she has taught her so much from letters to potty training! She has been such a positive, solid influence in Ann Catherine's life and we love her!!

Here's AC with Ms. Tammy...

What a great year my kids had and now we are ready for a little break. Summer here we come!


Amanda said...

I just wanted to say that I think your macaroni necklace looks very nice with the shirt that you chose to wear. It almost looks like a expensive designer piece of jewelry! :) Ya know after I typed the part about expensive designer jewelry I is just that. Because to you it is worth millions or could simply be priceless.

Amy said...

You are right, Amanda! I didn't have it on that morning but as we were leaving AC said, "Mommy, will you wear your necklace?" So of course I had to! :)

Love my 2 BoYs! said...

Isnt it just the best to get to go to their little pre-k activities and they show what they've learned. LOve the macaroni necklace, you'll treasure that forever :)
And yes summer...... here we come!