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Friday, May 29, 2009

A Fun Reward

My kids are so much better than me.

I, without question, picked the worst week ever for them to take swim lessons. Over the last four days we had - maybe - ten minutes total sunshine during their lessons. The pool water was frigid, as in take your breath away cold. One day it even rained while AC was in the pool.

But, lips blue and trembling, they perservered.

What little troopers.

So today I promised them I would take them to Big Spring Park for a picnic and to feed the ducks after swim lessons.

I swear the forecast all week said today would be sunny.

Not so much.

It was downright chilly at points. But a promise is a promise.

So we took our McDonalds to the park, scarfed it down and fed the ducks (my camera died before we fed the ducks so I have no pictures from that). The kids had so much fun!

It was my little reward for putting them through the ringer this week. Here's hoping for a little more sunshine next week!!

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Michael Werner said...

Hi Amy ,The forecast is looking good for Monday Though Thursday . With a 20% chance of rain in store for the rest of the week.doing swimming Lesions in the rain that is a first