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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Macaroni Noodle Necklace

Saying that the best gifts are the ones your children make with their own two hands is like saying the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening.

It is absolutely indisputable.

I got the greatest Mother's Day gift ever from Ann Catherine - a macaroni noodle necklace.

She made this for me at daycare. She put the noodles on the string and painted them blue. I'm telling you, if Chris had walked in with big ole fat diamond earrings I would not have loved them more than this necklace (although please don't let that discourage you from buying me any if you are reading this, honey!).

She was so proud of herself. I bet she asked me ten times, "Mommy, do you like it? I made it for you!" I told her it was my favorite present because she made it with her own little hands.

Lily made me these handprints (with a little help from her teachers :) I will cherish this until the day I die. Lily calls it her "paw print" - I kid you not. Think she watches too much Blue's Clues?!

The funniest part of my Mother's Day happened Sunday morning. Chris got up with the girls and I just laid in bed resting. He went into AC's room and got them to help him get my gifts together. The monitor was on and I could hear everything they said. He told them that they got me a Bible (I actually picked it out and bought it because I knew the exact one I wanted and then told him to let the girls give it to me) and Lily said, "Ooooh, a Bible!" You would have thought Chris had told her they were giving me a year's supply of juice and mac and cheese - which in Lily's world is the ultimate gift. It was so cute. Then they brought my presents into my bedroom and gave them to me.

Chris also got me a Terrame gift card, although I told him not to get me anything but the Bible. I can't wait to use it!! Saturday night he took me to Dolce at Bridge Street for dinner (which is fabulous by the way!!) and then we walked down to Ann Taylor Loft where I burned a whole in a gift card I had been holding onto.

When we got home from church on Sunday morning, I wanted to get a picture made with my girls. Why is that such a nightmare?! At first, Lily was cooperating, but Ann Catherine wasn't looking at the camera. By the time AC started looking, Lily was done. Do you think I'll ever get a picture of both of my girls looking at the camera at the same time?? Me either.

I love this crazy one!

I have shared before on my blog how painful and sad Mother's Day can be for me. Don't get me wrong - I love Mother's Day and I am eternally grateful that God has allowed me to be a mother. But as much as I love it, it's also been a hard day for me in the past. I have to tell you, this was by far the best Mother's Day I have ever had. It's hard to explain, but I just had such a peace. I felt Melissa's presence so deeply all day long, but it didn't make me sad. Yes, I missed her and yes, I wanted her here, but it didn't make me feel depressed. At church, I felt so happy during worship, not sad as I have in the past. I know that so many of my friends have been praying for me, and I could definitely feel it.

As I went to bed that night, I began feeling guilty. I know it sounds strange, but I felt guilty that I hadn't felt depressed that day. I have thought about that over the past couple of days and I have realized that Melissa wouldn't want Mother's Day to be sad for me. She would want it to be happy and she would want me to feel her love on such a special day. I certainly did feel her and I am so grateful for that. And as we talked about her that day, I told Ann Catherine that I was pretty sure Melissa was celebrating Mother's Day in Heaven and having a wonderful time. I hope it was a beautiful day for her.

I know it was for me.


Love my 2 BoYs! said...

You are right those hand made gifts are the BEST! Cute pics of you and the girls. Glad you were able to enjoy your mothers day & also feel Melissa's presence.
Enjoy your visit to Terrame, I know I cant wait to get my massage at the Westin Spa.


Sherrill said...

My heart overflowed when I read about the peace and joy you had this Mother's Day. I saw my own daughter happier and more at peace this weekend than I have in a long, long time - God's grace is amazing. I thank Him for His blessings. And for His presence and providence through our trials. I saw your post on Steph's blog - what an amazing gift He has given us in allowing our paths to cross. I will always thank Him for you. :-)