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Friday, May 22, 2009

New Summer 'Dos!

The girls got haircuts this morning and since it's summertime, they got "real" haircuts - not just little trims.

We started growing out their bangs about six months ago and it has been a nightmare. AC's are almost to where she can tuck them behind her ears, but LB still has a ways to go. Thank goodness I can pull them back with bows and barettes because it drives me crazy when their bangs are in their eyes! We didn't cut any off of their bangs - just the back.

My girls LOVE going to see Ms. Jackie (or as Lily calls her "my Jackie") and getting their hair cut. Seriously, they get so excited when I tell them it's haircut day. My friend, Jackie, has been cutting Chris' hair since he moved to Huntsville and I started going to her shortly after. She's a pretty amazing person who had breast cancer last year and beat it. Jackie and I both firmly believe that God allows you to go through certain trials so you can one day reach out to others who are going through the same trial. Jackie has certainly done that when it comes to breast cancer and I am so proud of her!

Jackie cut at least two inches off AC's hair! Ann Catherine is such a girly girl - she loves sitting in the chair and getting her hair cut. Jackie even bought this special penguin cape just for them. :)

Lily Baker got her first haircut when she turned one. She has quite the head of hair!! She was born with more hair than most grown men have :) Jackie cut about an inch off of her hair.

And now for the best part - the suckers that Ms. Jackie gives them when they are through! I hadn't put LB's bow back in so her bangs are all in her eyes, but trust me, the haircuts were adorable!

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