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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dinnertime Prayer

Tonight at dinner, Ann Catherine wanted to say the blessing. She said,

"Dear Jesus, thank you for the plants, flowers and trees. Thank you for Melissa, and that we will see her again. Amen."

I just stared at Chris and said, "Did she just say that?" He answered, "Yes," but didn't make a big deal because we didn't want Ann Catherine thinking she had said something wrong.

Wow. It's hard to even say what I was thinking. It lifts my heart to know that Ann Catherine thinks of Melissa, even at times when we aren't talking about her. It's amazing to me that she said 'that we will see her again.' I tell her that all the time, but for her to say it just lifted my heart. I just wanted to grab her, hug her tight, and thank her. As soon as she said, "Amen," she picked up her fork and started eating, oblivious to the fact that her precious little ten second prayer had meant to much to me and her daddy.

As always, thank you God for these moments. And thank you that my three-year-old daughter can find the words to express how we all feel.

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