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Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Left the Beach for This??!

Wow - what a difference a 6 hour drive makes.

The girls and I spent last week at the beach with my parents. Chris was out of town on business, so we got away too. The weather was great - mid 70s all week, short sleeve shirts, just perfect. We came home Saturday night, and we woke up Sunday to snow and a bitter cold wind.


There, I got that out. I feel much better. Now if spring would just hurry up.

Back to our trip - we had so much fun! There aren't many people at the beach this time of year so it's so relaxing. My mom and I took the girls for a walk on the beach Wednesday and there were about eight people - total - on the entire beach. Granted, the girls couldn't jump in the ocean, but they had so much fun walking along the beach and putting their feet in the water (does it ever get too cold for kids??!!)

I just love that picture of them! The best part about going to the beach is that my sister and her family live nearby. So, Ann Catherine and Lily get to see their cousins whenever we visit. They love that!

On Friday night, we all took my dad out to dinner for his birthday. I'm sure that was special for him to have all of us there. Then on Saturday, we went to watch my nephew Will play basketball. Here is Ann Catherine giving him a big hug after his game.

Here's my favorite picture from the trip. This is Lily wearing my sunglasses at Will's game. She is one cool chick!!

We had so much fun taking this short little break. Sometimes you just need to get out of town! Of course, by Saturday we were all missing Chris. They were very happy to see him Sunday morning. (Although I must admit, on the way home Ann Catherine get saying, "I want to go back to Mimi and Poppy's condo!") I had a blast with my girls and am looking forward to another getaway soon - with the four of us!


The Titsworth Family said...

I was wondering where you went Amy b/c you haven't posted a blog in several days. Glad you girls got to take a trip...I'm desperate for a beach trip! I LOVE the picture of the girls looking at the ocean together. They are so incredibly cute together. I hope you brought lots of sunshine & warm weather back too!

Love my 2 BoYs! said...

Missed you while you were gone. The beach sounds great right about now :) Cant wait for a summer vacation! Love the pic of the girls looking out at the ocean, its so sweet!