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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Prince Charming

This morning, Ann Catherine and I were talking about the day Chris and I got married. I explained to her that you didn't get married until you were older and you had met your Prince Charming.

She answered, "But Mommy! My Prince Charming just left for work!"

It almost made me cry to think that she sees Chris as her Prince Charming. I tell him that he better enjoy it now, because one day all of those little "frogs" will be knocking on our door to pick up our daughters. Unfortunately for them, AC and LB's Prince Charming will probably meet them at the door holding one of his old hockey sticks. He may be much older, but I don't think he'll be afraid to use it :)


Suzanne Colbath said...

Mark keeps saying that he will be there with a rifle along with my brother when Kat starts dating.

Sue said...

Amy, I was thrilled to stumble onto your blog. I have wondered about you and your girls! I was grieved when I heard of your loss and happy to see of your additional blessing! Beautiful girls! My GD was born 3 months early in the Huntsville Neonatal Unit and I am still praising God for all He is still doing for her. Visit her blog at