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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Working with Daddy

Yesterday Chris took Ann Catherine to Lowe's with him. The purpose of the trip was to get mulch for the flower beds. They came home with that, plus a pink shovel and pink gardening gloves (she wanted rubber boots too, but Lowe's didn't have any).

Once they got home, Chris told her she could work in the yard with him. She was thrilled! I changed her clothes and she put on an old pair of sneakers (her "work shoes" she called them).

Of course as most three-year-olds do, she lasted about ten minutes working outside. But the important thing was that they spent that time together. And boy did she love it!

While they worked outside, I kept Lily inside with me so AC could have her Daddy-Daughter time. I snapped this cute picture of LB watching tv with all of her princesses and ponies. Too sweet!

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Sandra said...

Making memories. She'll remember this forever. How precious.