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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

My day started off the best way possible. My two favorite little people shuffled into our bedroom and crawled in bed with us.

AC snuggled up next to me. As soon as I opened my eyes she said, "Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!"

I love that child. No prompting or reminders from Chris. She just woke up and remembered.

Chris snuck out of bed and retreated to the kitchen. AC informed me that she couldn't tell me what he was doing, but I was pretty sure I knew. A little while later, when he returned with eggs and bacon on a tray my hopes were confirmed.

Then the girls stole all my bacon. Ah, the life of a mother... :)

It was a beautiful day. The girls gave me their cards - complete with their precious writing - and a spa gift card. Oooh la la! :)

My favorite gift came Friday when AC got home from school. She made me a cute little cup in art class. I'll put my jewelry in it while I cook.

Homemade gifts from your kids are the best!! I told her I wouldn't take a million dollars for it. My mother still has the plate I painted for her in kindergarten on display. And she still uses my sister's ceramic handprint as a spoon rest when she cooks. There are some things that you never get rid of. This is one of those things!

After church we had lunch with my parents. How special for me to spend Mother's Day with my children and my mom. Just perfect.

I thought of Melissa often today. I missed her immensely, but I had a peace that I haven't always had on Mother's Day. I felt her with us all day long, but I didn't feel that sadness that often invades my heart. Instead, I just felt so incredibly grateful for what God has given me.

A husband who loves me with all of his heart. Two daughters who fill my heart with more love than I ever thought possible. And another daughter who I KNOW I will see again one day.

I can't ask for more.

I am constantly reminded of God's love for our family. I am constantly reminded of how he never left us during the worst storm of our lives. I am constantly reminded of the miracle of Ann Catherine's life. I am constantly reminded of the rainbow he sent when he gave us Lily Baker. I am constantly reminded of how blessed I am to be the daughter of three amazing little girls.

But never more than on Mother's Day.

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