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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hackleburg is Gone

Hackleburg, Alabama is just a little dot on the map.

It's a tiny town (population 1,516) where everyone knows everyone. There was one Pharmacy, one grocery store, one manufacturing plant, one high school.

Now all of that is gone. Gone. As in, wiped off the map. The EF-5 tornado that slammed through the city last Wednesday with 200 miles per hour winds took care of that. So far 17 people have been confirmed dead and others are still missing. Rescue workers are still finding bodies there.

My dad grew up in this tiny little town. My precious grandparents helped start a church there that they attended until the day they died. They are both buried there.

My aunt and uncle and cousins still live there. The good news is they are all alive. The bad news is my aunt and uncle lost their home when a tree fell through it. Luckily they have insurance, but it can't be easy to start over in your seventies.

Please pray for the people of this small town. Not only have they lost their homes and loved ones, most of them have lost their jobs since everything there was destroyed. Please pray that they won't be forgotten!

My grandfather passed away in 2006. It would have broken his heart to see his town reduced to ruins. Please pray for those in this tiny town who are dealing with the aftermath of one of mother nature's deadliest blows.

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Candy said...

Amy, We took our youth group there yesterday with a trailer full of donated items (from the community and members of the congregation). I've seen pictures of the damage but seeing it in person is completely different. I know we didn't take much, but I hope we can help someone who has lost so much. Praying for the families that were affected in that town.