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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow Days!!

The newspaper says the kind of snow we had this week comes around once in a generation.

Crazy to think about, isn't it?!

We had an entire week off from school thanks to Mother Nature. My kids loved it, but AC won't be loving it so much at the end of May when she's making those days up! :)

Snow Day - Part One

All of the hubbies were home and we got together with our neighborhood friends to play in the snow. Our friends Chris and Katherine have a golf cart and we tied our sled to the back of it and pulled the kids (and grown-ups!) through our neighborhood. LB was a little scared. AC, on the other hand, could not get enough!! I enjoyed it myself :)

Best of all, Chris broke out his "Cousin Eddie" hat (see "Christmas Vacation").

After the sledding, the golf cart was almost dead so we headed inside to Brooke's house. The kids got in dry clothes and warmed up while watching a movie. Sweet babies!

Then after their bellies were full, they headed back outside for more fun!

The best part for me on this snow day? Chris was off and I got to sleep in on a Monday. Woohoo!!

Snow Day - Part Two

Our friends Jammie and Ken built a snow ramp in their backyard and the kids slid down it. It was so cool!!

Then Mimi dropped by to say hello!

Snow Day - Part Three

By this day, we all needed a little break from the snow. AC invited over her friend Isabel and the girls played all afternoon. This is where I love my girls being so close in age, because the big girls were so nice to include LB. And believe me, LB was right in the middle of it all!

AC fixing Isabel's hair at the beauty salon Santa brought her :) And AC wearing a sundress inside - go figure!

Snow Day - Part Four

Cabin fever is setting in. We are on day four of school being out and certain people in our home are starting to get a little stir crazy (or maybe just one certain person is!) So I load up the girls and off we go to the library to check out some books and then to lunch. It was perfect.

When Chris got home from work he began sweeping the snow, or as he calls it, "the reason I left Canada."

Then they headed to the back yard with him and played.

They threw snowballs at me as I tried to snap pictures...

...while LB quickly got cold and headed inside to sit next to the gas logs (my kind of girl!)

I learned something about my kids this week. LB may be just like her daddy, but she is just like her mommy in one way. She goes outside and within minutes she's freezing and so over the snow. But I swear AC got Chris' Canadian genes. That child can stay outside in the cold forever!

Snow Day - Part Five

I decided I couldn't look at my messy house any longer! And I told the girls they were helping. They cleaned with me for two hours and when they finished, I let them paint (which they love to do!). I continued to clean for two more hours, and my house still wasn't where I wanted it to be. If we have another day like that, they might be begging me to let them go back to school!

Girls, I hope you enjoyed these snow days. The other night your daddy told me he doesn't remember ever being out of school for snow. Then I got "I remember walking to school backwards because the snow and wind was pelting us so hard" which totally reminded me of your Mimi and Poppy's "In my day we walked uphill both ways to school..." stories.

I have no such stories. But I'll always remember the week you got out of school for snow!

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Sherrill said...

I've never commented about Chris! I know he tells you the truth about walking backwards! I grew up in Northern Indiana - no school buses - walked about 20 city blocks to school. Most families only had one car in those days - and dad used it to drive to work. YES - school was on and we turned backward to walk when the ice pellets felt like little knives on our faces. :-) But we'll never let that happen to our girls!!!! LOLOLOL