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Monday, January 3, 2011

Best Day Ever!

Those were Ann Catherine's exact words as we left the rink this evening.

We went to the VBC to shoot a promo with Channel 19 for this Saturday's Melissa George Night at the Huntsville Havoc game.

Four Havoc players were there: Ray Ortiz, Mike MacDonald, Dan McWhinney and Mike Carter. Those of you who read my blog last year know that Ann Catherine's first love was Travis Kauffeldt, who was the captain of the Havoc. When he left this season, she was heartbroken.

Mike Carter is now her favorite player and she was thrilled to see him!

For one part of the promo, Ann Catherine had to shoot the puck while Mike delivered his line. She LOVED getting to take shots at Dan and once they were finished shooting it, those sweet guys kept playing with her. I bet she shot the puck for 10-15 minutes.

She shoots...

She scores!!

Chris watching his girl play hockey with someone else. Sad day for this dad :)

LB's part was sweet. Mike MacDonald skated around with her while he delivered his line. It was precious!

Then she got in on the act and played hockey too!

At the end of the promo, AC had to get on top of Dan's shoulders to deliver her line. He's the tallest one, so she was pretty high but did great!

My girls had a blast playing on the ice with these guys. The guys were so sweet to them and kept showing them how to shoot the puck. The funniest part when she told Dan he was cheating! I asked her why and she said, "Because he won't let me score!" Chris and I laughed and explained to that he was just doing his job as a goalie! (Don't feel bad for her. He let her score several times!)

I'm telling you, sometimes hockey players get a bad rap, but you will never meet a sweeter bunch of guys. They were so good to my girls tonight. When I commented to Chris he said, "Well yeah. They're just kids at heart."

So true, because I married one.

Speaking of Melissa night, it's this Saturday night at 7:30 at the VBC Arena. Come out and watch the guys play the Mississippi Surge in their awesome pink and blue jerseys. After the game, they'll auction off those jerseys and their pink warm-up sticks with all proceeds benefiting Melissa's Fund.

We'll see you there!

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Amanda said...

Too cute!! Can't wait to see it air here!!! I used to love going to all the hockey games. Sadly, we don't get over to Huntsville often anymore. :( We will try to go to this one though!