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Monday, January 17, 2011

Is it Time for This?

I found this sign on Ann Catherine's bedroom door the other day.

Are we really there? Is it really time for her to start asking for privacy??

I can live with that on one condition.

I get some too.

Here's my offer: my girls can have some privacy when I am able to finally go to the bathroom alone. Without interruption.

Somehow I'm thinking that's not going to happen. :)


Angie said...

You're girls are 22 and 17 and they still come into the bathroom from time to time... when I'm using it, when I'm bathing, when I'm putting on my make-up, etc... but we have some precious conversations & great laughs together. You'll get use to it...and even come to enjoy it. :)

Simplicity By Christy said...

LOL! There is no privacy! I yearn for it. Then I decide I love not having it cause they will be grown and gone one day and the house will be quite.