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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Get Up and Try Again

AC has been begging Chris to teach her to skate.

He took her last weekend to a public skate session and she had a blast. But later that night he told me there was no way he could teach her there. The ice was way too crowded with people and she got way too distracted.

She would need lessons.

There went my hope that I could save that money since my husband is a former hockey player and has been skating longer than he's been walking.

So we signed her up for lessons and she started last night.

She started out clinging to her teacher's arm. Thirty minutes into it, she had let go and was actually starting to get into it.

She came out midway through the class to use the restroom and told me she loved it and was having the best time.

I was so happy for her.

And then it happened.

Two minutes before class ended - TWO minutes! - she took a nasty spill and landed on her cheek. She cried but after composing herself she started skating some more.

Then class ended. And she saw me.

And she started wailing.

The poor thing was crying her eyes out and had a big 'ole raspberry on her cheek.

I loved her and held her. She kept crying.

Once we got home, I put some ice on it and gave her some Ibuprofen. I focused on the positives.

"You skated so good tonight!"

"You can do something Mommy can't do!"

"Except for the fall, what was your favorite part?"

Not falling, she probably thought.

Chris figured that was it. He thought she was going to be too scared to try again.

I wasn't so sure. But the thought of it broke my heart. Not because I want her to skate, but because she was so excited about learning and doing so well for her first lesson.

She woke up this morning and told me her cheek hurt. I gave her more Ibuprofen then she said, "Mommy, can I go ice skating Saturday?"

"You want to go?" I asked, somewhat surprised.

"Sure," she said, then ran to ask her daddy.

I told her I was so proud of her. I told her that life was a lot like ice skating. Sometimes you're going to fall. And it really hurts. But it's not about the fall. It's about whether you get back up or not and try again.

Looks like she's choosing to get back up. We'll see when her next lesson rolls around.

She's a tough cookie, that little girl.

Maybe at the next lesson we'll add a little padding.

And I'll be sure to pack the Ibuprofen. :)


The Titsworth Family said...

So proud of her! You'll have to keep us posted on her lessons. Emma keeps asking to go ice skating but I'm not brave enough to take her just yet. Maybe I should join AC's lessons. ha!

Sherrill said...

Our little girls learning life lessons. . .*sigh*. . .seems it starts too early. It sure started early for our little girls - but maybe that's why they have the faith to get right back up and try again. And if it takes a few spills and little pain to build that faith and character. . .we'll stay ready with the hugs and the drugs!!! LOLOL Yea for AC!!!!! Tell her Abby and EK's Mimi is proud of her too. :-)