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Friday, January 29, 2010

Look What Daddy Brought You!

My sweet hubby brought home a bouquet of flowers for me today.

No reason. Just because he loves me :)

fyi - I am a flowers girl. For Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, just send me flowers and I am happy. I especially love pink roses - and lillies of course :)

As sweet as his gesture was and as much as it meant to me, more importantly is what it meant to my daughters.

When Chris walked in the door with flowers, Ann Catherine said, "Mommy, look what Daddy brought you!"

Lily Baker came running and just had the most precious look in her eyes as she looked at her daddy and the flowers in his hand.

At that moment, they not only knew their daddy loved their mommy. They knew he was doing something nice for her just because he loved her. And they were absolutely beside themselves over it.

What a powerful moment for them as girls. I have often blogged about the HUGE role that I believe daddies play in the lives of their daughters.

How a man treats his wife is how his daughters will expect to be treated.

And don't think they don't notice things. They notice how daddy talks to mommy. They notice when he hugs and kisses her. They notice when he does nice things just because he loves her.

And one day, I hope they'll grow up and expect those same things when they fall in love.

What an awesome responsibility God has given to daddies of little girls. What an impact the first man who ever loved them makes in their lives.

Now. And forever.


"Allie Play" said...

Love this. It is soooo true.

nat said...

Very true! My daddy is the best. Unfortunately my boyfriend believes flowers are a waste of money! You are lucky to have a husband who doesn't share in that philosophy.