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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

She Loves You So

Dear Ann Catherine,
Do you know how lucky - no blessed - you are to have Lily Baker in your life? When Melissa died, I wanted God to send you a sibling so badly. I wanted you to have someone in your life who would love you unconditionally and without boundaries.

He answered.

Last night, you two were running through the house (after Daddy had told you about 18 times to stop!) and Lily Baker fell and bonked her head on the ottoman. She began to cry, which in turn led to tears of your own. You always cry when Lily Baker gets hurt. You never want to see her sad.

I picked her up and started loving her. You sat down on the sofa next to us, crying your little eyes out too. Through her tears, LB put her arms around your neck and said, "It okay, Sissy. It was an accident."

You then began to calm down.

On the way to school today, the sky was an ominous shade of gray/blue. It was going to start raining any minute and when you looked up at the sky, you were afraid. Lily Baker said, "It okay, Sissy. It just clouds. God needs to water the plants!"

Then I looked in the rear-view mirror, and she was holding your hand.

She may be younger than you, but she has a way of letting her big sister knows it's going to be alright.

I guess you could say God did the same for our family when he sent her to us.

Never forget how much she loves you. And never take for granted the blessing God has given you in having a sister who loves you so.


Cabra Clan said...

You always make me cry!

Love my 2 BoYs! said...

me too! very teary eyed at the moment! so sweet, i would give anything if Sam could expereince that brother/or sister bond!

The Titsworth Family said...

You've got me tearing up too. They always sound so sweet and I love hearing these stories about them. Thank you for sharing! I've also never seen baby pics of them and I absolutely adore that top picture! So precious!