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Thursday, January 21, 2010

I had that Game!

Is there anything cooler (or that makes you feel older) than your children receiving a toy you had when you were little?

Sheena, our babysitter, gave the girls a Lite-Brite for Christmas.

Did you have one?

I did.

And I loved loved loved it!

So do my girls.

They did it this afternoon...

Wait! Who's missing?

That would be my sweet child with the 5% attention span who had moved onto something else. LB stayed and patiently finished hers. Look at that snail!

Then LB decided to finish Sissy's guitar and Daddy got down on the floor to help her. What a masterpiece!

Later tonight LB was working on her Lite-Brite race car and I got down on the floor to help. She said, "Mommy, You're the best mommy ever."

If I had known that's all it took, I would have gotten down there sooner :)


The Titsworth Family said...

I had a lite bright growing up too and I didn't realize they still made them! I just don't ever see them in the store. That would make a great 3rd birthday present! Do you know who sells them?

Oh and I love LB's pajamas!

nat said...

Loved my Lite Brite. Still have it!